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Customized Solutions - Based on Your Specific Needs 

  • Minimizing Wine Program Costs - We can get you back up and running at minimal cost – and once you are back in business we can step aside or work with you longer term. We help control costs with a set fee and none of the additional costs associated with an employee (health care, unemployment insurance, medical leave, etc.) Too often the task of developing or managing a wine program is added to the responsibilities of individual unit managers or a senior manager who most likely already has more than enough work to do. Our program allows you to pay only for the services you need. We can help you ramp up under the new normal and then step away when you are ready to hire that beverage director or sommelier.


  • Reacting Quickly to a Changing Market - We track market segments, velocity data, and trends and distill that data into information that you can use to make solid business decisions about your program. We follow the changes in the distribution system and can save you hours of time tracking down wines that have moved to other distributors.


  • Wine Lists that Grab -Your company needs a wine list that sells. Your list should clearly reflect your concept, with selections that enhance your food. Guy du Vin has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant and wine industry and has won numerous awards for the wine programs we've developed.


  • Differentiating Your Wine List from the Competition - Your restaurant concept is different from your competitors - and everything you do should help your customers focus on what makes your restaurant special and unique. We can help you develop a unique wine program that appeals to all levels of customers - from the wine aficionado to the unadventurous price shopper - by leveraging our relationships with national and international suppliers to provide you with brands that complement your concepts and a wine list that shares the "voice" of your restaurant.


  • Reduce Complexity of Managing a National Program - Guy du Vin has over two decades of experience developing, implementing and managing national wine programs in over 40 states. We have the experience and contacts to ensure your wine program runs smoothly. Guy du Vin is available to manage the troubleshooting process of supply problems, price discrepancies, or out-of-stock issues that arise over the course of your program. We keep you informed of problems with suppliers before they affect your restaurants, giving you time to react and adjust to market changes.

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