Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est la Même Chose

I have been so busy the last few months that I have not given much thought to the website.

Feeling really guilty about that, I reread some of my previous embarrassing posts; hung my head in shame; decided against cutting off both of my typing index fingers and instead I am doubling down “Trump Style” and re-posting this one that I wrote in 2012.

At the time, I was feeling that people in the wine business will believe anything – their own press and PR – high scores – low scores – MW’s – MS’s – wine magazines – bio-dynamics – terroir – natural wine – pick your crazy. Its just like picking a candidate in this election cycle. Nothing much has changed although nowadays, dealing with wine people is even more like a date with the Continental.

Guy du Vin’s Top Five Things That Suck All the Life Out of Wine







5.  Twitter/Facebook –In the words of William Deresiewicz, “we’re all peddling ourselves and managing our own brands.”

Chelsea Staub – It’s All About Me – Listen Here

4. Wine Marketing – The “Story” is more important than the wine – Every wine, winery, vineyard, tractor, and pair of pruning shears has a story that must be told! What I would really like to read about is a producer that uses Roundup as an imaginative method for permanently lowering labor costs while avoiding overcropping; who decides when to harvest by throwing a dart at a calendar; who picks his grapes using illegally imported child labor equipped with butter knives and Ninja Assault Nuns and then macerates and ferments in empty unwashed barrels of WD 40.

3. Straw Men and the Magazines, Newspapers, and Editors that Print ThemStories like this one are so misleading and unhelpful I don’t even know how they get into print. Toss in ginned up polemics on the so called natural wine movement and Biodynamics and it’s just like “wrestling the wax chipmunk”- if you know what I mean.

2. Serious Business – Would the five people in the wine business that actually have a sense of humor please speak up.

1. Sommeliers – Things have not gotten better over the years. Sommeliers are just younger, less experienced, and less open to anything that hasn’t received some sort of peer approval. They all tend to validate my inherent mistrust of strangers. Listening to an insufferable bore can be entertaining for some – but most of us would much rather be water boarded while viewing Nyan Cat or perhaps even better – watching a bored predator drone pump a few rounds into the next meeting of the Sommelier’s Club – preferably on a day when I am not in attendance.


2015 Great Northwest Invitational Wine Competition

I’ve been privileged to be a part of the Great NW Wine Invitational for the last three years. It is the only competition in the US where the judges nominate the selections to be evaluated. This years competition was outstanding. Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman do an outstanding job on the organization and execution of…

Wined Faith


Blind Tasting – is there a less controversial subject in wine today? Probably – but many just don’t see eye to eye this topic that often leaves a bad taste. Just in case you have been out of the loop for say – forever – blind tasting means identifying a mystery wine without prior knowledge…


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Nibbling at the Edge of Stale Ideas

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Fifty K’s South of Woop Woop

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Loser Chooser

  Rounding a corner while walking the dog recently, I came upon one of Sellwood’s vaguely iconic bars. I knew it was one of Portland’s favorites because of the telltale surrounding wall of bar funk floating in the evening air – stale beer, fryolator oil left over from before the Bhagwan left, and whatever disinfectant…

Birds of a Feather

    It’s June and the signs of early summer are everywhere. Occasionally, the sun even comes out. Oregon drivers are more distracted than usual, but if you listen closely, you can hear their plaintive “sorreeee” call as they whiz through a stop sign. And city bicyclists are showing their summertime plumage of moral superiority…