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  • David Holstrom

Beyond Good Value: Château Saint André Corbin

St Georges - St Emilion 2016 - 70% Merlot & 30% Cabernet Franc

I find myself coming back to this wine again and again. It's been an everyday favorite around our house for many years and this 2016 version tastes better and better each time I open a bottle. I always think and talk about Saint André Corbin as being a super value, but that doesn't do this wine justice. Sometimes when we hear the words "good value" we think "cheap". Too often the phrase is overused or attached to wines that are undeserving. At around $25 per bottle Saint André Corbin isn't really cheap - but it massively over delivers for the price.

Château Saint Andre Corbin is located in Bordeaux's smallest appellation just north of the village of Saint Emilion. Wine from this estate was served at Julius Cesar's table in the 4th century. St. André Corbin is owned by the Saby family, who have been making wine on the right bank for nine generations. I have been lucky enough to have visited three times over the last few years. Besides the fantastic wine, I remember a great lunch with the family one time. I can still almost taste the incredibly delicious grilled duck hearts we started with.

The 2016 has luscious fruit with pretty spice notes and firm structure. It is delicious right out of the bottle - but really comes alive after about 30 minutes or so in the glass. The Saby's produce excellent wine every year - so if you can't find the 2016 - give one of their other vintages a try.



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