Three Hits for Spring

Here are three wines that we think are drinking particularly well right now.

All wines are available through Guy du Vin. You can place your order by emailing All wines must be ordered in three bottle minimums unless otherwise indicated. These selections are available for order only until June12th. We can ship your wine as soon as it is ready, or we can hold your order until you’ve selected a full case. If we don’t have your credit card on file, we’ll give you a call.

Arndorfer Vorgeschmack Austria 2010

(Grüner Veltliner/Riesling)

Vorgeschmack means ‘appetizer’ in German, and that describes exactly what this wine is all about. It is a ‘welcome wine’ meant to familiarize drinkers with the special terroir around Strass im Strassertale in Austria and the vineyards of Martin Arndorfer and Anna Steininger.

Martin Arndorfer comes from a long line of wine makers, growing up in the vineyards and cellar of his parent’s estate. Anna Steininger is the daughter of one of the top and most respected wine makers in Austria, Karl Steininger. They have joined forces to produce delicious and extraordinarily detailed wines at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Vorgeschmack is a blend of 80% Grüner Veltliner and 20% Riesling. Now don’t go shaking your head and saying that you don’t want any Riesling and you don’t want a sweet wine. This wine is NOT sweet! It is a lively and inspiring starter with vibrant fruit and floral notes on the palate. It has a nice thread of acidity and minerality. It is just what you need around 6 pm on a warm evening as you begin to relax.

You need to taste this. It is the perfect warm weather wine – chilled, lively, and refreshing. And regardless of the fact that we live in Portland – there is a reasonable chance that we will get some sunny, warm weather at some point this year. And if you don’t have your Vorgeschmack on hand – you’ll end up a real Vorgeschmuck!

$17.00 Per bottle – 3 bottle minimum

Amirault ‘La Coudraye’  Bourgueil Loire France 2009

(Cabernet Franc)

I know that we have quite a few fans of Cabernet Franc out there that are always looking for reasonably priced great examples of that grape. Alongside the inspiring examples of Cabernet Franc-based wines in Bordeaux, the grape reaches true greatness in the Loire Valley of France.

The villages of Bourgueil and neighboring St. Nicolas de Bourgueil lay just west of Tours almost in the center of the Loire Valley. Cabernet Franc is grown on limestone vineyards some two kilometers north of the Loire River. At their best, the wines produced in Bourgueil and St. Nicolas de Bourgueil  give much of the charm and structure of Bordeaux along with their own individual character. 100 years ago these wines were considered the equal of Bordeaux, but times and fashions change.

The quality of Yannick Amirault’s wines speaks for itself – great quality, very flavorful and attractive. La Coudraye is 100% Cabernet Franc. The nose is full of fresh fruit and is very expressive. The palate displays a supple texture at the beginning, before moving on to show appealing spice and grip. This is not a heavyweight by any means. Nicely structured – with a good fresh finish. It needs only a year or two to develop fully.

$19.00 Per bottle  – three bottle minimum


Clotilde Davenne Irancy France 2010

(Pinot Noir)

This is a young domaine of 25 hectares based in Prehy, a small hamlet a few kilometers south of Chablis. Clotilde launched her first releases in 2009.  She produces wines that are very true to their terroir, grown on the flint and chalk soils that contribute to the essential minerality in their style. It is not merely the power of suggestion that makes us think of lime when we try to describe wines grown on strong limestone soil.

Clotilde was the head winemaker at Chablis producer Jean Marc Brocard before she started on her own producing a range of fine Chablis and also Sauvignon from Saint-Bris.

She also makes this incredibly expressive and extremely eclectic Irancy. Irancy is 100% Pinot Noir and comes from a little valley in the north of France, just above the traditional Burgundy border.  It is about as far north as you can get Pinot to ripen. The wine shows lovely soft fruit and fine, strong “grippy” tannins – but it is pure Pinot, beautifully made.  It will definitely reward a few years in the cellar, or decant it if you can’t wait that long.  In either case, it’s very much a food wine. The locals often have Irancy with their cheese – try a good Camembert, Brie de Meaux, Cantal or the local specialty, Époisses.

$20.25 per bottle   three bottle minimum

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