A Pox on Both Your Houses

I assume that you read the Non-foodies food guide in A&E last Friday and are aware of this latest food kerfuffle.  If you followed the comments posted at Oregon Live; Willamette Week Online; pdx.eater.com; etc, you are aware that the Portland food community is furious at being the butt of a few lame jokes from the Oregonian. There are plenty of comments from the other side as well – from those who dismiss as snobs anyone with any interest in where their food comes from or how it is prepared.

My take?

A.) No matter which side of this tempest in a teapot you come down on,  anyone’s insistence to be taken as seriously as they take themselves is going to lead to an awful lot of disappointment all around. It is instructive to see how quickly everyone rises to the bait.

B.) A quick read of Portland food blogs, online newspapers, and related comments on this topic should lead to a clarion call for a mandatory government program to provide every Portland writer and food blogger with a qualified personal editor  – thereby beginning to end the horror of all the bad writing going on out there. I vote for a mandatory editing law for online publishing. The only thing worse than the obvious lack of editorial input online is whatever passes for editorial competence at the Oregonian.

C.) As far as the food scene goes, there doesn’t seem to be much self reflection going on here in Portland. This is a city that is very much full of itself. It gets old.

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