My Very Own Natural Crankiness Movement

These days, there is nothing that can suck the life more quickly and more completely out of wine for me than having to sit and taste in a room full of sommeliers, wine writers, and wine bloggers. We really are a bunch of bloviating blow hards.

Merry Christmas

Gee – do I sound cranky?

If I hadn’t already been an old guy for quite a while, with plenty of old guy experience under my belt, I would chalk up my current crankiness to becoming more of an old guy.

And speaking of blow hards, with the exception of anything written by anyone named Palin or Beck, I don’t think that I have read a more profoundly anti-intellectual  book in the last 20 years than Nicolas Joly’s work on biodynamic agriculture. Talk about your 19th century German metaphysical goofiness. I love the wines, but I really don’t think they need more cow horn – they need more  cowbell!


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