Joe Dressner

Joe Dressner, the rough around the edges, individualistic, free thinking wine importer, died on Saturday at the age of 60 due to brain cancer. I only met Joe Dressner a few times. My only real personal connection was when a few years ago my company partnered with him and co-hosted a wine event here in Portland – along with a dozen or so of his producers who had traveled here from France.

The wines in the Dressner portfolio were and are some of my very favorites. For a number of reasons, they had not been in our marketplace for over a year. Just recently a new distributor, PDX Wine, has brought them back into Oregon. While sampling a small selection the other day, I was again struck by how special and unique the wines in the Dressner portfolio are. Tasting them is like falling in love all over again.

I can’t say I ever really knew Joe Dressner, but I am going to miss him. All of us who have loved the wines he introduced to us owe him a debt of gratitude. You could learn more about wine from just tasting a dozen wines in his portfolio than you ever could from any book, person, course or trip.

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