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Holiday Inn launches Live Bed Warming serviceSo we were sipping a rather cheeky glass of Claude Lafond Reuilly the other evening, when we came across this article in the New York Times:

Holiday Inn to Use Humans as Bed Warmers

File this travel tip under “creepy”. According to an article from Reuters, Holiday Inn will offer a trial human bed-warming service at three British hotels this month.

If requested, a willing staff-member at two of the chain’s London hotels and one in the northern English city of Manchester will dress in an all-in-one fleece sleeper suit before slipping between the sheets.

Apparently, the “innovative” bed-warming method is a response to Britain’s recent cold weather, and the human is meant to act like a giant hot water bottle.”

We are not quite sure what to make of this – but who are we to stand in the way of advancing technology!

As we were finishing the last of the Reuilly though, we realized that before “jumping into bed” with just any old bed warming idea – it might be best to ask a few questions. So here is what we would like to know:

  1. Can we amend the outfit? Please see: Wolfords or Calvin Klein
  2. If you tip extra, will the person in the big fleece outfit “extend their stay”?
  3. If there are no willing staff members to warm your bed – can we get a Lifeline?
  4. Doesn’t a king size bed require two bed warmers?
  5. Can we get one with a logo?
  6. Can we request “firm” or “soft”?
  7. Can we purchase one to take home, like a hotel bathrobe?

Of course, what would completely enhance your bed warming experience is a bottle of wine. Fortunately, Guy du Vin has plenty of experience selecting wines that will bring both you and those cold, cold sheets up to temp. We may not look our best in a fleece outfit – but we can sure offer you some great wine to take your mind off the cold.

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