We Have a Wiener – Winner!






It has been a suspenseful wait for the announcement of the winner of the “I would rather be a loser in Portland…” contest.

It was challenging sorting through all of the entries, which we assessed during Married to Jonas commercial breaks on E! Ultimately, the decision seemed beyond Guy du Vin capabilities and we could not make a decision without some help. Through the magic of the internet we were able to get in touch with the folks on this jury in the UK that consulted a Ouija board before finding a gentleman guilty of double murder. We thought this showed a richness of creativity on their part, plus a real appreciation for prompt decision-making.

The winner is: Larry Byrne of Kansas City, Missouri. (Missouri is apparently a state out there in the middle somewhere – where people think the major four food groups are beef, pork, beer, and Jell-O salad with marshmallows).

Here is Larry’s winning entry which was written in crayon on the bottom of an Imo’s pizza box and posted on his Facebook page: “I would rather be a loser in Portland than cast in cement.”

For someone from a place where people have TGIF imprinted on their shoes (toes go in first) – we think he captured the essence of whatever it was we were trying to capture.

Larry will receive a $25.00 gift certificate from Guy du Vin which is valid between 2:15 and 2:17 am on June 29th which, you might note, is also National Waffle Iron Day.

Congratulations Larry, and thanks to all you fellow losers for your submissions. 

Guy du Vin is offering two wines in this newsletter that you really shouldn’t miss.






Domaine Pinson Chablis Premier Cru Montmain France 2010 

There was no hype for 2010 Burgundy at the time of the vintage, but the wines have turned out to be something special. The vintage is defined by fine acidity and with a clarity of focus that is striking.

Chablis Premier Cru is a classification of the Chablis white wine appellation of Burgundy. Wines made under this title are from vineyards identified as producing wines of higher quality than those classified simply as Chablis but not on a par with Grand Cru.

This Chablis is completely satisfying. And it is a fantastic wine for the money. It has an enticing nose of minerals, flowers, and citrus. It shows a round, slate palate with stony fruit flavors and a white pepper finish. Fresh and crisp – you will know instantly that you are drinking Chablis. It also saves you from the embarrassment of wanting to drink a California Chardonnay (although I admit that doing so is not nearly as embarrassing as it was 10 years ago).

Domaine Pinson rose to prominence under Louis Pinson who eventually retired in 1983, having made some fabulous old style Chablis wines. His great granddaughter, Charlène, along with her father, Laurent and her uncle Christophe, have now taken over. For more than 350 years, the Pinson family has produced wine – since 1640.

$31.00 per bottle


Terre di San Leonardo Vigneti delle Dolomiti Italy 2009
Once a medieval fief, Tenuta San Leonardo has 49 acres of vineyards planted with international varietals that were introduced following the phylloxera plague of the 19th century. The varied microclimates of San Leonardo favor these varietals, with Cabernet Sauvignon cultivated at the higher elevations and Merlot grown in the low lands of the estate.

Terre di San Leonardo is a youthful, excellent introduction to this producer’s elegant wine style. The wine has depth and finesse that can go toe-to-toe against some of the best Bordeaux blends. The wine is a brilliant ruby red. While it shows rich fruit when young, it evolves into a wine with notes of ripe plum with an undertone of grass. Dry, soft, and well-balanced with aromatics that have great length. Perfect for rice and pasta dishes with tomato, white meats, grilled meats, and soft cheeses.

$18.00 per bottle

All wines are available through Guy du Vin. You can place your order by emailing guyduvin@yahoo.com. We can ship your wine as soon as it is ready, or we can hold your order until you’ve selected a full case. If we don’t have your credit card on file, we’ll give you a call.


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