Never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth – Henrik Ibsen

We like May.

In Portland, May is the first month of the year when you can (with some confidence) sit outside in your backyard or in the patio area of a local restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine and not get rained on. Of course there are plenty of Portlanders that will do this in December as well, but we assume those people are from some strange Bizzaro world where beauty is hated, ugliness is revered, it’s a crime to make anything perfect and everything is inverted, backwards, or just not right. Wait a second….that sounds just like the real Portland!!!!

May is also the the month that we join with our families on special weekends, put up our decorations and celebrate Root Canal Appreciation Day – May 10th and that most typical of all American holidays – Blame Someone Else Day on May 13th. The kids can hardly wait!

Sadly, our favorite celebration is over for another year. We hope you were a part of National No Pants Day, which the nation celebrated the first Friday in May. Admittedly, it was a little cool, but we held our heads high and struck a blow against the bloated lackeys of the capitalist imperialist trouser cartel.

But in the spirit of that fifth freedom – freedom from pants – and in selfless service to our customers so they no longer need to figure out where to carry their wallets – we are offering the Guy du Vin 2012 Spring Inventory Sale!

Sale items are limited only to those bottles currently in stock and there are no additional discounts. All items have been marked down 15% or more and some items are marked at cost or below.

All orders can be placed by emailing . Click on Guy du Vin Spring Sale to see what is available. If we don’t have your credit card information available we will give you a call. 
































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