Better Late Than Never

Crater Lake Around 10 am July 9

We just returned from an unforgettable trip to Crater Lake and  the Klamath Basin. It just doesn’t get much better than the last five days. Perfect weather and scenery that is so beautiful that words can’t do it justice. I don’t think there is a better place to stay in the area than Lonesome Duck Ranch and Resort in Chiloquin.

There is nothing quite like having a Bald Eagle land about 15 yards away as you kayak down the Williamson River. It is also a little unsettling when you realize that he’s giving you the quick once over – deciding if you might be just the ticket for his late afternoon snack.

I can’t remember ever having a more relaxing, more enjoyable short vacation getaway. We also managed to share a couple bottles of Gobelsburger Urgestinereisling ’08 from Austria and Botani Dry Muscat from Spain.

I was very happy to see Eric Asimov’s article today in the New York Times. It is nice to finally see him encourage people to try wines that fall outside the usual selections. I don’t know why he doesn’t write about wines like romorantin, assyrtico, and poulsard more often. It’s where all the really interesting stuff is going on in wine (and has been for a long time) – but you would hardly know it if all you read are the main stream journalists and bloggers.

I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth – but I don’t think he does them justice. It seems to me that even as Asimov encourages consumers to try these wines, he still treats them as merely a sideshow.

But we will take all the help we can get in turning as many people as we can on to delicious gems like furmint, fumin and pineau d’aunis. We have been selling these wines for over 15 years now and our customers love them. In fact – I really believe that our regular customers have a much better understanding of how these wines fit into the “big wine picture” than the majority of “wine writers” out there.

Anyway – I’m glad to see these forgotten wines getting a little of the respect they deserve. Even if it is a decade late.

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