Loser Chooser


Rounding a corner while walking the dog recently, I came upon one of Sellwood’s vaguely iconic bars. I knew it was one of Portland’s favorites because of the telltale surrounding wall of bar funk floating in the evening air – stale beer, fryolator oil left over from before the Bhagwan left, and whatever disinfectant they use whenever they pretend to clean the men’s room.

Just outside the entryway, ensconced around a dubious looking bucket full of old cigarette butts, chewing gum, and bulging dog poop bags, were a couple of bar regulars having a smoke and engaging in a very intense conversation. One of them, with a seriousness that could not be unheeded, said to the other, “I’d rather be a loser in Portland…”

At this point there was a squirrel incident, which caused one of us to lose track of our priorities. I didn’t get to hear the last half of this guy’s sentence, and I missed whatever sage understanding he was about to impart to his friend.

What I want to know is – how did this guy finish his sentence?

Would he rather be a loser in Portland than say – the House of Representatives? Or maybe Gresham? Or did he mean that he would rather be a loser in Portland because you don’t have to work at it here?

We are officially announcing a new Guy du Vin contest. Finish the following sentence in 25 words or less:

“I would rather be a loser in Portland …”

We will choose one winner from all entries. Submit your entry via email to field7140-loser@yahoo.com.

The winner will receive a $25.00 gift certificate from Guy du Vin. Entries must be received no later than July 12, 2013. We will publish the winning entry in our July newsletter.

In the meantime, we are offering a few wines we are sure you will enjoy. One is a perfect little rosé from the Loire, and the others are wines that I think of as summer reds – just a little bit lighter in body and alcohol. All are great picks for a summer day.

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