About Guy du Vin

Here in a few words is what Guy du Vin is about, our philosophy and the perspective on wine that we offer. We hope this resonates with you.

Guy du Vin Guiding Principles

 1.  Wines with Soul:

Guy du Vin offers wines that reflect distinctiveness; that emphasize a connection to their place of origin; and that show true craftsmanship. We focus on wines with elegance and balance. We search for wines that reflect personality and uniqueness, even in the least expensive bottling.

2.  Trustworthy Recommendations:

David Holstrom, President of Guy du Vin, has over thirty years of experience tasting and judging wines from around the world. All of the wines offered by Guy du Vin are the wines we drink ourselves. If we can’t thoroughly enjoy a bottle of wine down to the last drop, we won’t offer it to our customers.

3.  Exceptional Value:

We only offer wines that we feel are of exceptional quality – regardless of price. Whether it’s an $8 bottle of wine or a $100 bottle of wine, we will only present wines that we believe are the best examples of their type available in the market.

4.  Discovery and Refinement:

We want you to develop confidence in your ability to select good wine. Developing self-assurance in your own choices necessitates tasting wines and grape varieties beyond those that are already known to you. It means experiencing flavors and textures in wine that may be completely unfamiliar. If you are interested in expanding, refining and educating your palate, Guy du Vin would be honored to be your guide.